Coaching individuals, teams, and leaders in transition.

Here you are again: at a growth edge where more of the same won’t be enough. You can’t seem to go from maintenance mode to breakthrough performance.

Welcome to the world of transformational leadership! At The Serving Way, our founder and principal leadership coach, Chris Thyberg, firmly believes in your innate potential to be a great leader. Unleash your hidden capabilities and lead from within with our proven guidance and support. Together you and Chris will create a custom leadership development program that leverages your skills with his coaching expertise. Perfectionism, conflict avoidance, or controlling habits are just some of the patterns holding leaders back from all they can be. It’s a VUCA world: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. Use that wasted energy to become a “new VUCA” leader: Versatile, Undeterred, Courageous, and Agile.


What is coaching?

Executive coaching is a collaborative journey between coach and client. You set your goals and together we chart your course toward success. This coaching process reveals auto-pilot patterns that no longer work and gives you the space to identify capacities that lead to breakthroughs.

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Individual Leadership Coaching

Maximize your potential and set goals that matter to you personally and professionally. With a fresh perspective, you’ll discover new options, make bold choices, and get to work achieving breakthrough results. Create lasting value for your enterprise and stakeholders with individual coaching.

Our strategy

  • Uncover the best coaching style for you. This includes best-in-class assessments and 360° reviews of how you see yourself as a leader and how others respond to your leadership.
  • Focus on your priorities, why they matter, what progress looks like on your terms, and how you and your stakeholders will know you’re hitting the mark.
  • Reframe how you’re making sense of the situation and yourself. What’s been your approach so far? What’s working and what’s not?
  • Go deeper. As a coach, Chris asks compelling questions and listens with undivided attention, free from judgment. Change your mindset, change
    the game!
  • Design and refine your action plan, anticipate barriers, and build support so you can follow through on your commitments. Everything we do is in service to your growth into the kind of leader you’d want to follow..

Coaching for Senior Leaders
and Their Teams

The most effective teams have a shared purpose and mutual trust. Grow together with individual coaching complemented by whole-team integration sessions. Help unlock each individual’s capabilities while prioritizing skillful collaboration. The entire team begins to embrace their distinct gifts and confidently share their contributions. Working together, you will grow everyone’s capacity to lead both people and processes, empowering each other to deliver on organizational goals.

Our strategy

  • Gather your immediate team to tackle their individual leadership challenges. Integrate group development with one-to-one coaching sessions with team members.
  • Hard conversations are necessary for personal and organizational growth. Learn how to foster an environment where everyone is valued for their unique contributions.
  • Unleash your team’s combined powers to increase collective excellence and drive great performance. We’ll go here together with courage and compassion.

Transition Coaching

Grow and thrive amid significant change. The transition from a current leadership role to a new position may be the toughest growth edge. Whether you’ve earned an internal promotion, have decided to take the leap into another organization or sector, or are building your legacy, this in-between space is a unique opportunity for growth. Together, we’ll identify the best approach for your unique opportunity to reach the great leader you are becoming.

Our strategy

  • Identify and embrace your inherent strengths and core motivations.
  • Leverage a new mindset as you reimagine and reinvent yourself for the next leg of your journey.
  • Set new goals and priorities specific to your transition.
  • Grow your creative capacities and thrive in our world’s ever-changing landscape.

Design Your Growth

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Leadership Circle Profile - This 360° assessment is the industry standard for developing your leadership effectiveness and delivering superior business performance. Discover how supervisors, peers, staff, and other stakeholders see you in action as you relate to people and achieve results. Together, we align external feedback with your self-evaluation, and tackle the growing edges that offer the most leverage for your desired coaching outcomes.
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EQi 2.0 & EQ 360 - The “people part” of leadership is a constant challenge, now more than ever. How you lead in the emotional, social, and relational dimensions of work can be make-or-break. Together, you will build greater self-perception and self-expression, interpersonal savvy, productive decision making, and effective stress management to engage others effectively when powerful emotions start to run the show.
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M•CODE for individuals and teams – Uncover what gets you out of bed and eager to give your best. Your intrinsic motivations point the way to tap your unique drives – who you are, what matters most to you, and why you show up as you do. This energy source is essential to your capabilities as an influential leader. Tap what uniquely moves you to achieve success, satisfaction, and significance.
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Gallup StrengthsFinder for individuals and teams – Get to know your “superpowers” as you experience the world, take action, use your influence, and build relationships. These signature strengths come so naturally that you may not even be consciously aware of them. But they are what fuel excellent performance that’s consistent and “always on.” Moving in your strengths is essential for leading from your authentic way of being in the world.
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Perspectives+ 360 – Great leaders cultivate influence through the intentional focus on two factors, leading people and leading priorities. Both are essential as you develop and leverage others’ unique talents and ensure that people know what outcomes are expected and why their work matters. The result is an environment in which people work together effectively for quality results and innovative solutions.
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Transform Drama to Empowerment with The Empowerment Dynamic™. We offer certified coaching to shift from Rescuer to Coach, Persecutor to Challenger, and Victim to Creator. Start by asking Three Vital Questions™:
1. What do you and your team want most?
2. Are you reacting or creating?
3. What immediate steps can you take to get from where you are now to where you want to be?
It's time to move from being dramatic to becoming empowered!


Partner with The Serving Way for inside-out change, leadership growth, and transformation in action, regardless of your sector or career stage. Don’t wait any longer to make a lasting impact as a leader. Take the first step and book your free coaching consultation now.