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You possess the qualities of a brave, resilient leader, even when facing challenges to your effectiveness.

Together we'll develop adaptable leadership practices tailored to your needs, guiding you toward your goals.

Collaborative Coaching

Coaching is a shared journey. As you share your story, current challenges, and where you’d like to be, Chris is here to listen, ask questions, and share his observations. Together we’ll explore options and design action plans to move you forward. Chris’ coaching approach will draw out your inherent leadership skills and capacities as you break reactive patterns and lead with confidence others want to follow. This partnership is our story of working together as you reach your personal and professional goals.

Chris believes in coaching the whole person—mind, heart, body, and soul— as he pulls from a wide range of tools. He’s here to help you evoke the excellence you desire as you set goals and get results on your terms. Clients describe their work with Chris as supportive and challenging, empowering and results-driven. As you work with Chris, you’ll discover that these are key ways you too can show up in service to your teams.


Leadership and Coaching Experience

For more than 30 years, Chris worked as an in-house strategist with C-suite executives. He understands firsthand the immense pressure on today’s leaders. Chris’s expertise leading and coaching at a growth edge offers a co-creative process that taps your leadership core to achieve your desired outcomes.

His coaching experience over the past twelve years includes work as a:

  • Team development facilitator
  • Executive coach for experienced leaders in both nonprofits and for-profit enterprises
  • Coach for emerging leaders and leaders in transition
  • Pro bono coach for community leaders
  • Senior Director serving top leadership (30+ years)
  • Intrapreneur, program developer, and instructional designer
  • Team lead at major universities and global nonprofits
  • Instructor at Carnegie Mellon University and Penn State

Education, Training, and Certifications

Chris’s approach is purposeful, thought-provoking, and co-creative. He’s developed his coaching techniques through extensive continued education and certification. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Wheaton College and pursued philosophy graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

He holds certifications from:

  • Georgetown University Institute of Transformational Leadership, Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching
  • International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach
  • ICF continuing education in adult development, embodied presence, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging
  • The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, Certificates in the Foundations and Practices of Servant Leadership
  • EQi.20/EQ360
  • Perspectives+ 360 from Pixel Leadership
  • M•CODE (formerly SIMA’s Motivated Abilities Pattern)
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360
  • Gallup StrengthsFinder
  • Three Vital Questions / TED (The Empowerment Dynamic)
  • Key Polarities Indicator
  • DiSC: Five Functions of Cohesive Teams

Representative Clients

Throughout his career, Chris has coached leaders in nearly every industry. His former and current clients work in:

  • Wealth management
  • Hospital systems, medical and legal practices
  • Leadership development services
  • Education from early childhood to university
  • Tech, energy, transportation
  • Corporate insurance
  • International development
  • Government agencies, including USAID and the US Army
  • Family businesses from chocolate making to heavy equipment
  • Nonprofits and foundations, including faith-based and arts organizations
  • Mentor and coach for other coaches

Chris Thyberg's Story. It’s All About Trusted Relationships.

“Your enterprise will thrive when you combine passion for the results that matter most with commitment to the well-being of those doing the work.”
Founder and Principal Coach, The Serving Way

Chris has a driving commitment to serve leaders who serve purposes greater than themselves and seek to offer real value to all their stakeholders. If this is you, Chris is your coach.

Chris and his wife have been married for over four decades. Together, they raise chickens, tend the garden, and renew with slow meals, eclectic reading, and outdoor adventures. They delight in spending time with their adult kids, their partners, and are getting ready to welcome their first grandchild.

Chris enjoys an occasional whiskey and cigar night with his two grown sons, cheering for Liverpool FC, having fancy coffee with his daughter, and listening to music from ambient to zydeco.

Chris loves to travel extensively for professional and personal growth, having visited and worked in Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

For more than 35 years, Chris and his family have lived in a socially and economically diverse Pittsburgh neighborhood. They love being a part of this vibrant, diverse community. Chris and his wife consistently advocate for equitable housing, employment, and education in their area. This passion for service carries into Chris’s calling to help leaders navigate the realities of identity, power, and culture. We all need places where we get to do great work that’s worth doing. That’s why we’re called “The Serving Way.”

If not now, when?

It’s time for fresh options, bold choices, and strong action to achieve the results that matter most to you.