Servant-Leaders Ask Empowering Questions

This month I am pleased to share another guest article from my friends and colleagues, David Emerald and Donna Zajonc. David and Donna are the creators of 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama, the best approach I’ve seen for turning workplace conflict, into powerful collaboration. I’m proud to be certified to coach the 3 Vital […]

Freedom Comes from Within

I deeply believe that servant leadership works from the inside out, starting with self-leadership that brings out our best so that those we serve can grow stronger, stand taller, and give their best at work, at home, and in the world. This month I am pleased to share a guest article from my friends and […]

Servant-Leaders are lead listeners

Robert K. Greenleaf, the founder of the servant leadership movement, places receptive listening at the heart of the servant-leader’s approach to those we serve. … only a true natural servant automatically responds to any problem by listening first. … A non-servant who wants to be a servant might become a natural servant through a long […]

Servant leadership and “workism”

At the heart of servant leadership is the desire to see our labor and others’ labor as the expression of meaningful work that creates true value for all stakeholders. This includes our families and communities. The following article by Derek Thompson in The Atlantic raises serious questions about the negative effects of lifting an over-pursuit […]